When I looked through the list of CPD23, I realised I had done most of the things on the list already. But no one saw me do them. So no harm in doing them again and blogging them, right?

What I want to do and, well, don’t

Weeks 15 to 17 are new and far enough away to look exciting, especially advocacy and podcasts.

I shudder at most of the early Things – particularly ones that involve joining another social network. (I miss the old days of the internet, when everyone was anonymous and had inane names, and I’m not on Facebook). The words personal branding almost make my eyes bleed and the words ‘the use of the language of the market in every facet of our lives…’ spill from my frothing mouth. Not quite though. I’m not sure how I’m going to deal with that one.

Me as a librarian

I didn’t see this coming.

I came to London last year in order to take up the full-time UCL course. I’d maybe had enough of university already – I’d gone through the full cycle of taking a degree to doing a doctorate to lecturing in one. There is always more to learn, by yourself in the library stacks/online (my preferred methods), or by acquiring the often expensive MLIS.

When I started the year, I wanted to be a cataloguer because I was lucky enough to work on a set of pamphlets relating to the Popish Plot during my graduate traineeship (Titus Oates was a fascinating creep – check him out in the pillory and stocks). Now I’m interested in what lies beyond cataloguing. Education works!

The idea of getting to do more research and create exhibitions is one potential future.  The idea of total fluency in lots of useful programming languages is another. And then there is – well – being an actual librarian in a public, special or school library. Infinite other possibilities and excitement in every direction.

Where I’ll land is another thing.